Fur Coats and Jackets: Your Complete Guide

UntitledFur coats and jackets and fur gilets are a sumptuous, luxurious addition to any woman’s wardrobe. Famed for their tradition and versatility, fur coats help to perk up a casual day outfit or take an elegant evening ensemble to the next level.

When choosing your fur coat, fur jacket or fur gilet, there are numerous choices to consider:

Mink Fur Coat with Hood

Perfect for the chilly winter months, mink fur coats with large hoods are guaranteed to keep you snug. Whether you’re dining out on a freezing winter evening or jetting off to New York during the autumn, a good fur coat with a hood is a wardrobe essential. Black mink is a particularly popular choice. During the day, pair your fur coat with some simple, stylish jeans and a sweater for all-round appeal. When the night hits, dress up your ensemble with sparkling black heels and a striking evening dress with your fur coat draped over the top.

Collarless Mink Fur Coat

If you don’t plan to wear your fur coat in snow or rain, hoodless fur coats keep your figure looking it’s best as there is less fabric surrounding your neck and chest, preventing you from looking unnecessarily bulky in tamed weather. Like fur coats with hoods, black mink fur coats without hoods are a particularly popular choice. Despite not having a hood, if you want to cover your head, a rabbit fur scarf is a stylish choice.

Classic Mink Fur Jacket

Typically, fur jackets are shorter than fur coats and, usually, cropped at the waist. They are more suitable for year-round wear. While keeping you warm, fur jackets open towards the chest, providing a shawl silhouette, and are cropped on the arms, too. A perfect choice for a striking evening ensemble, a brown mink fur jacket will top off your outfit and can be removed easily when you sit down to dinner.

Fox Fur Gilet

Fox fur, and silver fox fur has quickly risen to popularity thanks to dozens of designer brands around the world choosing it for their spring/summer and autumn/winter collections. Fox fur gilets are a good choice if you’re looking to take the chill off in the months between summer or autumn and winter, when you don’t need something quite as warm as a large fur coat. Better still, fox fur gilets cost the fraction of the price of a fur coat, making them an attractive choice for millions of women.

Reversible Sheepskin Shearling Coat

Perfect as a summer coat for those dreary English afternoons, a reversible sheepskin shearling coat is a fur coat with a difference. Rather than keeping you incomprehensibly warm, like traditional fur coats, a shearling coat acts as a light later. Thanks to the reversible factor, shearling fur coats are just as versatile, if not more so, than larger fur coats and fur gilets as you can choose whether to show vibrant colour or cosy shearling on the outside of the jacket. If the weather suddenly changes, you can adapt to suit.

Caring for your Fur Coat

When it comes to caring for fur coats, it’s important to have your fur coat cleaned regularly, just like you would have a good suit dry-cleaned. At Thalia Furs, when you have your fur coat cleaned, a cleaning professional will inspect your coat for rips and tears before hand-cleaning the coat and providing a moth-proofing service. To finish, the fur is electrified to separate the hairs and keep the fur looking it’s best.

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