Dishing on Retail Therapy

I love getting dressed and taking my girl out on the town.  We recently tried a spot that offersa new take on an old favorite.  We live in a “foodie” town, one of those places where the local chefs are always fusing one cultural dish with another.  Take this new pizza restaurant in town.  Instead of the usual thin crust or thick Chicago style pan pizza, this guy uses naan bread for a pizza crust, and it’s really good.  I wasn’t sure how my girl would react, being a native of Chicago and all.  Since moving to the Southwest, she’s become a real pizza snob.So I thought I’d treat her to something different, at this little spot.  I really went all out for the evening.  I even donned my newest Charles Tyrwhitt casualwear gingham shirt and jeans.  I was never a stuffy guy, so when she suggested buying something from them, I balked at first.  I’m not a shopper.  I thought she wanted to drag me to the mall and ask me to hold her purse or something.  Turns out when she said shopping, she meant online.  After checking out the site I agreed to buy one thing – a pair of dress slacks I saw and really liked.  They were on sale through this Groupon she used, and I got a free tie with the deal.  Like I’m gonna wear that!  But, you never know when somebody dies, and you gotta go show some respect to the family.

So we go to the restaurant and she gets that look when she sees the menu and I’m ready for her to start complaining about how it’s not Chicago, and the pizza’s all wrong and blah, blah, blah.  Then – nothing.  Silence.  I ask her what’s wrong and she says everything’s fine.  And when the food comes, she eats it without one negative comment.  Later she confides that she really loved my new look with the tailored shirt and all.  Said it was sexy.   I told her I had done a little shopping on my own, using a Groupon of course, and had ordered trousers, and a set of shirts.  With a Groupon, I got four of them for only $179.  I love the shirts because they are made from soft fabric that doesn’t itch or bind, and I don’t have to iron them.  We must be settling in as a couple.  She’s eating local pizza and I’m shopping online.  Sounds like the beginning of a beautiful relationship.